Hugmail : Send hugs with your mails !

Written by Romain on Wednesday, 28 of March 2012 at 9:01

Recently, I’ve been invited to test a new app and online service by Hugmail. The idea ? Giving hugs to people you love through traditional mail. Well, not so traditional as the company combines the best of technology to benefit the older generations who are not internet savy.

Indeed, a lot of older generation end up missing out on news because they are not connected.

When was the last time your grandmother had seen some recent pictures of you ? Probably a long time since she’s not on Facebook. When was the last time you sent your grandmother a postcard ? Can you remember ? Hugmail gives your loved ones the ability to follow your last exploits through a personalised postcard. As they say, “a simple way to brighten someone’s day.

So far I’ve been testing the service I have found it easy to understand and use. In just few clicks, you’ll be able to upload your own picture (up to 300 dpi, which is a great definition) and create a postcard to suit your intentions. But not only that! Hugmail sends your postcards from whererer you are in the world to anywhere in the world (at the exception of North Korea and Yemen) for the reasonable price of £1.49 per card.

(La suite…)

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Where’s Wallace ?

Written by Romain on Monday, 23 of January 2012 at 9:38

I was really busy these last couple of weeks. I recently moved in London where I currently work for BBH until the end of March. A truly unique experience in a city that I start to know better. Two weeks ago, a really unexpected and beautiful encounter happened. I was coming back from work and from the top of the bus, I noticed a bearded man walking with sticks and carrying a huge backpack. I could see a flag advertising his “Where’s Wallace ?” website. I became really curious, went straight to the internet, googled it and found him very quickly.


Wallace is a 30 years old english guy who left north of Scotland the 24th of September 2011. His goal was to reach land’s end, England’s extreme south-west point. More than 1600 miles by feet in aid of Cancer Research UK. Raising awareness is the most important thing for him and thanks to the great support he received, he already collected almost 15 000 £.


So I decided to contact Wallace through Twitter and met him for the very first time during a charity event he organised in London. As a very creative person, he organised a lottery and a very interested auction sale (more than 3000 £ were raised during that night). I was really impressed by this man and offered him to shoot a movie about his project in order to promote his challenge. I joined him for a walk in London last saturday and we made it ! I’m also very proud to let you know that all the money collected from the sales of my Backpacker movie will go to Cancer Research UK for the next 4 months.

I would be very grateful to you if you could share this video with your friends and family: Wallace is a truly outstanding person and I really want to promote his project and spread the word. Are you ready ? Let’s share !

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A video of Barcelona

Written by Romain on Sunday, 16 of October 2011 at 15:46

A promise made is a promise kept. After a short clip of Port Vell last week, here is my vision of Barcelona through photographs and an extended video. Barcelona is a successful mix of people who like to go out until late at night. Indeed, in Barcelona, one goes to bed really late (or not at all).

There are many reasons why Barcelona is a city where I could probably live: its admired combination of sea and mountains (which are not that far); its incredible architectural and cultural wealth (Gaudi’s masterpieces make the city look like a real museum); its nice climate and many more reasons.

But concretely, what can you do in Barcelona ?

(La suite…)

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Burma : the dictatorship of the absurd

Written by Romain on Tuesday, 23 of August 2011 at 17:43

After reading one of Sarah’s tweets, I recently came across a 30-minute web documentary extremely (euphemism) well made. The project Happy World: Burma, the culture of the absurd, carried out by both Gaël Bordier and Tristan Mendès France, takes us to a corrupted country whose laws are contradictory.

Let’s discover the documentary right away!

Besides its almost perfect production, the documentary shares a fascinating and captivating story which is, above all, committed and full of passion. All the ingredients are there: dynamism, infiltration, narration, in-depth study. Because of that, I take my hat off to these two field reporters. As I was impressed, I contacted them right away and asked them a few questions.

A huge thanks to them for taking the time to answer my questions even if they were (I guess) really busy!

(La suite…)

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How to sleep in the street while traveling ?

Written by Romain on Sunday, 7 of August 2011 at 12:02

The title of the following post is deliberately extreme, as it is meant to describe some situations you can face when you are traveling and do not have a bed to spend the night. In that case, safety is your most important concern.

I thought of writing this article after spending another night at the Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport. After 11:00pm, it is hard to find something in this airport to entertain yourself (especially compared to the amazing hubs they have in Bangkok or Hong-Kong) and you have to make do.

When traveling, you can be stuck for the night in a train station, an airport or even in the street.

In that situation, you should take precautions to avoid being attacked and/or waking up without your personal belongings. Today, I would like to share some easy safety tips.

While traveling, I ended up sleeping in airports and train stations several times and spent the night in the street (only) 4 times (twice on the beach). In terms of difficulty (freezing cold, danger), I will keep in mind two major events: one night spent in Chicago (USA) with a homeless guy, and one night spent wandering in Yekaterinburg train station (Russia) and the city center, which almost ended very badly.

(La suite…)

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Join the fanpage and get a free movie !

Written by Romain on Sunday, 31 of July 2011 at 20:00

I recently launched the brand new Romain World Tour fanpage on Facebook but I never really had the opportunity to do it properly. So it’s now or never !

During one week from now (beware, only one week !), you just have to join this new fanpage and I’ll offer you a link to download my round the world trip movie Backpacker (in HD). Normal price is 12 euros, don’t miss it !

Important : Once the fanpage is liked, please send me a message through the following page whith your facebook profile adress and email adress! I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Moreover, please note that every 100 new fans, I’ll organise a lottery that will allow you to win free DVDs ! So feel free to share and stay tuned !

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